Empowering Museums and Art Galleries

Our goal is to empower museums and art galleries around the world. Our unique four step process focuses on collaboration and optimizes the creation of immersive storytelling experiences that are tailored to suit the specific preferences of your visitors.


Building Relationships

We believe that a strong relationship relies on us fully understanding your vision, audience, and history. That’s why the first step of our process is learning all there is to know about what makes your institution unique and how we can help you achieve your goals.

Tailoring Your Approach

3rdi App

Join a global community and use the 3rdi app. Tap into a virtual network used by art and culture enthusiasts around the world.

White-Label App

Make it yours by using your own branding and even adding custom features that your audience will enjoy. 

Creative Design

Identifying Exhibits

What exhibits would you like to enhance?

Gathering Information

We collaborate in researching and analyzing all available information on the selected exhibits to highlight the hidden stories and engaging facts that need to be showcased.

Gathering Information

Creating Custom Stories

We create custom stories for each exhibit. Immersive storytelling is at the heart of what we do and our passion for providing your audience with memorable experiences drives our creative process.

Creating Custom Stories

Choosing Resources

What resources are best suited to these exhibits?





3D Model

Multimedia Animations



Creating Resources

We build custom resources for your exhibits that will convey the content to your audience in an engaging and powerful way.

Training AI Model

Our app is enhanced with a proprietary Artificial Intelligence (AI) algorithm for exhibit recognition and resource delivery.

Launch and Support


The immersive storytelling experiences go live on the app for your visitors to enjoy!

Ongoing Support

Whether it be app maintenance or the creation of new immersive exhibits, we’re always here to help.

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