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Traditionally, pieces of artwork have been described by their physical attributes, highlighting things such as the artist’s brush strokes, paint type, and era in which they were made. Artifacts and other types of exhibits, for their part, are often limited to educational descriptions, such as the object’s age, where it was found, what it was used for, etc. While these dimensions are central to museum or art gallery experience, it is necessary to also consider emotional and experiential dimensions that offer the story behind these exhibits. At its core, art and culture are valued from the emotional connection they create with their spectators. Whether it be the beauty of painting, or the mystery behind an archaeological find – every exhibit has a story with the potential of captivating us on an emotional level. 


Built with passion


The vision for 3rdi began with the childhood aspiration of our founder, who grew up wanting to travel the world to experience art and culture, but at the time could not. This inspired his mission to provide immersive, educational and emotional experiences to the people who may not have access to them. The vision was to use technology as a tool to share the stories behind exhibits and bring the world to people.

In fact, the name 3rdi (pronounced Third-Eye) is inspired by the philosophical meaning behind the third eye, which is an eye that can grasp elements beyond our scope of sight and create a compelling sense of presence. It can also be described as an all-encompassing eye with all senses that brings one on an immersive journey. Like a third eye, our goal is to guide visitors deeper into the the story behind each and every exhibit, exposing the layers they would not ordinarily see.

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Enhancing visitor experiences


With the increased demand for this technology and knowledge behind how it can enhance visitor experiences, we began helping museums and art galleries increase visitor traffic and elevate their visitor experience through immersive storytelling and Augmented Reality (AR) technology.

Building an amazing team to carry out this aspiration was a crucial factor in our success. Our team is composed of a group of uniquely found individuals from across the globe. Built upon the shared connection of a single vision, we want to create amazing experiences that can be brought to museum and art gallery visitors everywhere.

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