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We believe that every exhibit has a story that should be shared. Whether it is a museum, art gallery or other institute, we are here to help bring your stories to life. In partnering with 3rdi, you gain access to our storytelling experts who will work as an extension of your team to bring immersive storytelling experiences to your visitors. We manage the curation and delivery of your enhanced exhibits to provide meaningful and impactful experiences. Our unique onboarding process is efficient and simple, making it easier than ever before to bring immersive storytelling to your museum or art gallery. 


Building connections


Our process begins by connecting with museums, art galleries, or other  institutions with exhibits that they want to share with the world. Once we have solidified our partnership, we begin by identifying the list exhibits that they want to be enhanced with an immersive storytelling experience. 


Diving deeper


After the selection of the exhibits has been established, our team gathers information about the history and meaning of the exhibits to gain a deeper understanding of the story we want to share. During the next steps we choose the appropriate resources to portray that story, whether it be video, audio, animations or any of our seven delivery methods. We specifically choose the resource for each exhibit based on the most impactful storytelling experience.


Bringing stories to life


Once the story and exhibit have been established, we gather identifier images. These images are used to train our artificial intelligence (AI) software, a system that possesses learning and recognition capabilities. Our proprietary algorithm is built into the 3rdi app which allows it to recognize the exhibits and present the storytelling experience to users. During the launching stages, we collaborate with our partners to plan the launch of their immersive storytelling experience for their visitors. 


Immersing users


For visitors, it’s as easy as opening the 3rdi app, pointing the camera at the exhibit and pressing  “scan” to begin the immersive storytelling experience. Using the 3rdi app, visitors also have access to a floor map to guide them through the exhibit, ensuring they don’t miss a thing. As an extension of your team, we offer ongoing support to continuously enhance, modify, or add to the immersive storytelling experiences.


Creating memories


We aim to revitalize the world’s love for art and culture with the power of immersive storytelling. New technology is a tool that the next generation knows and loves to use, but it’s the stories that are the key to reconnecting. In collaborating with museums and art galleries around the world, we highlight the story behind every exhibit and enable the creation of lasting memories in art and culture. If you are interested in starting this journey with us or want to learn more, head over to our partnerships tab to get started and reach out to us today.

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