We are honored to announce our new partner: The Catavento Museum. Our partnership is built on a strong foundation of shared values surrounding the importance of interactive learning and fostering a sense of discovery and connection between exhibits and visitors. Working with Catavento’s knowledgeable and passionate team, we aim to renew visitors’ passion for art and culture through the power of immersive storytelling. The Palácio das Indústrias, built over 100 years ago, has been home to the Catavento Museum since 2009. The Architect of the Palácio das Indústrias, Domiziano Rossi, tells many stories through the symbolism of his architectural work. Using 3rdi’s proprietary technology, we’re aiming to bring these stories to life. 

Thirteen never-before-seen AR exhibits 


We are immensely excited to soon be revealing 13 never-before-seen AR-enhanced exhibits at the Catavento Museum. In the coming months, Catavento’s visitors will be able to access these immersive storytelling experiences through Catavento’s new 3rdi-powered app, which is built with proprietary AI technology for scanning and recognizing exhibits with extreme precision. With the goal of one day enhancing all exhibits in the museum, 3rdi and Catavento have adopted a phased approach to this large-scale project. The first phase has been defined to include 13 exhibits that highlight the architectural features and rich history of the Palácio das Indústrias, as educational content regarding its significance is currently limited at the museum. 


This will be a great opportunity for visitors to learn about the historic and symbolic attributes of the Palácio das Indústrias one of the most important historic buildings in the city of São Paulo — in an interactive and immersive way. As such, the goal is not only to enhance the visitor experience through the addition of new immersive exhibits, but also showcase incredible history that would usually go unnoticed by visitors.

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The three benefits of immersive storytelling for museums


Museums are increasingly implementing new technology with the hopes of improving visitor engagement and interaction. Immersive storytelling has emerged as an effective technique for increasing memory making and experiential learning by using new technologies, such as AR, to encourage the visitor’s active participation and mental engagement with stories. In collaborating with museums like Catavento, we aim to revolutionize the way visitors engage and connect with art and culture by encouraging emotional connections, increasing experience memorability, and fostering authenticity through the power of immersive storytelling. 


     1. Emotional value

Storytelling provides an opportunity for visitors to be emotionally engaged and connected with exhibits of art and culture by tapping into relatable narratives that unite people (love, redemption, good vs. evil, etc.). Going beyond a traditional approach that focuses solely on educational content, we use stories to create emotional bonds between visitors and exhibits. 


     2. Memorability

Storytelling experiences are more memorable than traditional experiences that often limit visitor engagement and interaction. By taking hold of our attention and emotions, stories can be used as a tool for creating powerful memories. Visitors naturally share memorable experiences that resonate with them with their family, friends, and colleagues, which can greatly benefit museums that hope to increase visitor traffic.  


     3. Authenticity

Well-designed stories foster a sense of authenticity within the experience. Authenticity is extremely important to experience-oriented visitors, as they want to feel like their experience is real and unique. Immersive storytelling is an opportunity to highlight the depth and significance of the real stories that lie unexplored behind every exhibit, creating captivating and truly authentic experiences for visitors.


What’s next?


These 13 exhibits are the result of what is just the beginning of a beneficial partnership between 3rdi and the Catavento Museum. As we continue to expand into the next phases of this project, visitors can expect new AR-enhanced content to be available on the Catavento app in the upcoming months. 


We want to thank the Catavento team for collaborating with us to bring immersive storytelling experiences to their visitors, as well as special thank you to Ricardo Pisanelli from the Catavento team, who worked very closely with us throughout this project. 


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