Creating Immersive Storytelling Experiences

To take your visitors deeper into your exhibits

We believe every exhibit has a story to tell – and we’re here to help you tell it. Our full-service solution combines our creative team’s talents with our proprietary technology to deliver unique experiences. As immersive storytelling consultants, we’ve made it easy for you to merge reality with the digital world by creating multi-sensory exhibits that connect audiences to art and culture like never before.

The art and culture industry is evolving, and we’re here for you.

Using our unique and powerful platform, evolve from keepers of history to institutes of experiential and interactive learning. It’s time to unleash the deeper meaning behind your exhibits and get visitors emotionally engaged with the story behind every painting and artifact.

Attract the younger generation

To take your visitors deeper into your exhibits

The younger generation is always searching for new ways to be engaged. This demographic may struggle to form an emotional connection with art and culture, making it difficult for them to have memorable experiences at your museum or art gallery. That’s why we’ve added a new layer of interaction between the exhibit and the visitor. Our storytelling team works on your behalf to create powerful stories designed to captivate the next generation of art and culture enthusiasts.

Bringing you exhibits to life

Our unique approach
to partnership

Here at 3rdi, we understand that technology doesn’t tell stories – humans do. Our approach to partnerships is unique in that we become a reliable extension of your team. Backed by the latest research in storytelling and narrative construction, we work with you to develop compelling stories for each exhibit. We pride ourselves on creating lasting partnerships, where we celebrate success together.

Proud Partners