Experience immersive storytelling by 3rdi,

in four different ways

What is immersive storytelling?

Immersive storytelling merges interactive technologies, such as augmented and virtual reality, with traditional storytelling. This technique creates deeper connections by telling stories in ways that evoke audiences’ emotions and offer multi-faceted narratives that they can explore and interact with. By telling stories through new technologies, visitors are propelled into the future and immersed in the world of art and culture.

We are reshaping how visitors experience museums and art galleries by finding creative ways to bring people into the stories of exhibits and create lasting memories.

At the museum or art gallery

When visitors download our smartphone app, they access a portal that allows them to dive-deeper into exquisitely curated AR-enhanced exhibits.

At home on a headset

Using widely available and affordable cell-phone VR headsets, visitors can immerse themselves in their favourite museum or art gallery from home.

At home on a computer

Now, visitors can enjoy any museum or art gallery on their desktop with our web-based virtual experiences.

Metaverse & NFTs

The metaverse and NFTs are revolutionizing the art and culture world, leaving museums and art galleries to figure out how their institutions can adapt and thrive using these new technologies and platforms. 

We are prepared to help you shape your visitor’s experience in the metaverse and utilize NFTs in ways that are true to your identity and goals, while keeping immersive storytelling at the core of your offering.