Pictured (Left to Right): Meghan Beevor, João Noronha, Cauê Donato Silva, Paula Paiva Ferreira, Raj Nayak, Diretor Sérgio Freitas, (Blank), Dr. Heather Cameron, Paulo de Castro, Ricardo Pisanelli

Case Study: The Catavento Museum

Partnership History: 3rdi and Catavento

Beginning in 2021 through an introduction by Claudia Kakunak, Canada-Brazil Trade Commissioner, 3rdi and the Catavento Museum partnered up in the common goal of bringing immersive storytelling experiences to the visitors of the Catavento Museum. As per museum’s goals and vision, it was decided that 3rdi would build a customized application which would allow visitors to access immersive experiences in Augmented Reality using their smartphones.

3rdi’s COO, Meghan Beevor, and Ricardo Pisanelli, Catavento’s managing architect, collaborated to  identify unique opportunities for immersive storytelling integration, with a particular focus on the architecture of the Palácio das Indústrias [Palace of Industry]. Acting as the home of the Catavento Museum since 2009, the palace has long been the source of myths, stories, and curiosity. However, until now, little focus has been placed on explaining the history of the palace and the symbolic significance behind its many stunning architectural features. This would be the primary focus of the content that will be available to visitors in this first phase of many, allowing visitors of the museum to interact with the rich history of the Palácio das Indústrias.

Delivered using a combination of augmented reality and proprietary artificial intelligence, 3rdi has delivered 13 customized immersive storytelling exhibits at the Catavento Museum. Through years of perfection and a constant drive to innovate its solution, the entire 3rdi team has worked in perfecting a platform that will fulfill our partners goals, as well as propel the art and culture market into the future.

Palácio das Indústrias [Palace of Industry]” Credit: Henrique Passos

The Catavento Museum

Catavento was founded in 2019 with “the mission of bringing children, young people and adults closer to the scientific world, arousing curiosity and transmitting basic social values.” Located in The Palácio das Indústrias [Palace of Industry], Catavento’s current home was originally conceived in 1911 by architect Dominiziano Rossi, an architect renowned for using symbolism connected to Brazil’s history and progress. As an asset of the São Paulo Government, the Catavento Museum – which holds the title of Brazil’s largest museum – is now taking their visitor experience to the next level with the introduction of an augmented reality application that transforms exhibits into immersive experiences.  

“Museu Catavento Application Tour” (Pictured: (Blank), João Noronha, Paulo de Castro )

Launch Event

On March 26, 2022, the Museu Catavento application was successfully launched and made available to museum visitors. Industry executives and government officials of São Paulo were also invited to experience Catavento’s new Immersive Storytelling exhibits. Some notable guests included Heather Cameron (Consul General of Canada to Brazil), Claudia Kakunaka (Consulate of International Business Relations Canada and Brazil), Paulo de Castro and Elisa Nolli (Brazil Canada Chamber of Commerce), and Dr. Sergio Freitas (Chairman of the Board of Directors for Catavento), as well as 50 other influential guests.


The response to the launch event suggested that many local museums and art galleries are interested in the innovative opportunities for enhancing visitor engagement, connection, and discovery. This provided 3rdi with key insight into the market demand and sparked a race of adopting this technology among some of the most reputable institutions in the area. Therefore, and due to the validation of both 3rdi’s technology and business model, it is likely that this will lead to many prosperous relationships in the near future.

Raj Nayak and Meghan Beevor


While the launch event attracted many museums and art galleries, it also caught the attention of the media. Leading up to the event, a number of articles were published about the upcoming launch. Here are some of the highlights:


Tudo Celular (Independent), explained that the Museu Catavento application designed by 3rdi Lab “uses augmented reality to bring a new experience to the public.”


Chamber of Commerce Brazil-Canada (CCBC) wrote, “Steve Jobs, founder of Apple, always said that his goal was to work at the intersection between humanities and technology. The Canadian company 3rdi Lab, specialized in developing technical tools for augmented reality with the support of artificial intelligence, has demonstrated how the union of these two universes can be successful. The company has just launched, together with the Catavento Museum, in São Paulo (SP), an application for cell phones that will allow visitors to access unpublished content about the institution’s collection.”


GUIA-SP 24H (Independent) reported that the “Museu Catavento application has artificial intelligence to recognize the images focused by the cell phone camera, providing audio, videos and animations about the spaces of Catavento.”


Culture.SP (Government) highlighted that “the public will have access to 13 strategic locations throughout the museum, which will be expanded to include new content.”


SISEM-SP (Government) emphasized that this application is “an unprecedented experience in Brazilian museums.”

Next Steps

This is just the first phase of 3rdi’s partnership with the Catavento Museum, as immersive storytelling experiences in all sections of the museum, including, life, universe, ingenuity, and society are on the horizon. With a partnership based on the shared values of interactive learning, discovery and connection between exhibits and visitors, it is likely that details regarding this partnership’s next steps will be announced shortly.

Pictured (Left to Right): (Blank), Dr. Heather Cameron, Sergios Freita, Raj Nayak, and Meghan Beevor

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