What We Do

Here at 3rdi, we’re more than a tech company. Our goal is to be your ally as museums and art galleries enter the digital era, taking the pressure off you, and carrying the weight of curating your exhibits for AR, VR and the Metaverse. This is why we deliver a solution that includes our entire creative team and immersive storytelling expertise to go hand in hand with our leading edge proprietary technology. From content creation, to content delivery, to content support – we’re here for you. Let us join our strengths in the common goal of revitalizing art and culture through the craft of storytelling.

Our History

As younger generations began to find new ways of being engaged and connected, the need for immersive storytelling experiences grew within the art and culture industry. From that point on, the vision of 3rdi as a full-service immersive storytelling company was built. Our mission began with the purpose of providing globally accessible immersive experiences to the people around the world who may not have access to them. Since then, we have expanded our mission by using our technology as a tool to elevate the in-person visitor experience at museums and art galleries.

How We Do It

Virtual Reality

We use Virtual Reality to generate simulated experiences that fully immerse visitors into the stories behind your exhibits. In this way, our technology acts as a medium to create undiscovered dimensions for your museum or art gallery.


We integrate your museum or art gallery into the metaverse and provide you with a new way of connecting and engaging audiences around the world.

Augmented Reality

We use Augmented Reality to create interactive experiences that are grounded in the real world that enhance your artifacts and artwork.


With the 3rdi app, visitors can experience stories through seven types of supported resources: audio, video, images, text, 3D models, multimedia animations, and gamification. We will collaborate with you in deciding which resources are most beneficial for each of your exhibits, as well as their ability to engage with your audience and fulfill your institution’s overall goals.


Audio technology has been used by the art and culture market for many years. However, we use audio to immerse your visitors in a new way by using it as a medium to share history, myths, legends, or even soundscapes related to your exhibits. Using the latest storytelling and narrative construction techniques, we design audio stories that will engage your visitors and have them coming back for more time and time again.



Whether you want to show your visitors how an exhibit was made or visually tell a story, videos are a great way to immerse your audience into an exhibit while simultaneously fostering their feeling of wonder.


Images play a vital role in visitor learning. They can be used to illustrate where a piece was found or created, its history, or any other element that may make up an exhibit’s story. 3rdi uses images as tools to visually communicate these story elements to optimize visitor memory making.



While text may seem like a basic function, it’s one of the key ways to communicate a story. In conjunction with other resources, such as multimedia animations, we use text to not only explain the facts of the exhibit, but also convey our custom stories that make the users think critically and drive curiosity.


3D Models

For those who want to understand how something works, 3D models are key to providing visitors with a visual learning experience. Whether it is looking at the inside of an old steam engine, the workings of warplanes, or sculptures themselves, 3rdi can provide educationally driven 3D content for all ages.


Multimedia Animations

Using our custom-built 2D and 3D multimedia animations you can further engage your audience and create experiences they cannot forget. Used as a tool for education, multimedia animations can express abstract concepts, reinforce contexts, and most importantly encourage participation from your audience.

Gamification & NFTs

Gamification is one of the most useful engagement strategies for young generations. 3rdi utilizes gamification to reward visitor learning and engagement through the use of gems and to foster friendly competition through the in-app leaderboard. This feature is easily customizable for your demographics and institutional goals – giving your visitors the ability to exchange their gems for collectible NFTs.